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SD Series 4ch DVR System

H.264® contains a number of new features that allow it to compress video much effectively than older standards and to provide more flexibility for application to a wide variety of network environments. H.264® is the latest and more advanced video standard developed jointly by ITU and MPEG®. It is also known as MPEG-4® Part 10, or MPEG-4® AVC.

Standard H.264 Compression Format
Embedded high-speed microcontroller & Linux system, high stability, auto system upgrading
Support Time, Motion searching mode
Support mouse, IR remote control
Support network remote, USB backup
Pentaplex, 4channel playback simultaneously
Recording bit/frame adjustable
Central Management System
Support live display, record, playback, backup, and network
Supports 3G, GPRS, WIFI wireless of mobile phone network monitoring function (phone monitoring, capture, PTZ control)
Built-in VGA interface, output resolution up to 1024*768
More interface; support USB, alarm, intercom, PTZ control
Easy & Free Upgrade


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