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DVR System - PC Base 480FPS

DVS 9448 is the high-end, top of line DVR system. It displays up to 16 video channels with a crystal clear picture and recording in realtime. The high compression MPEG4 CODEC provides more recording time with the same size hard disk drive than the previous MJPEG CODEC. The built-in video motion detector logic helps the DVR system from storing unnecessary video. By connecting the DVR to the Internet, you are able to view live or archived videos from a remote location. Or you can connect to multiple DVR's from different location and view them all at the same time.

(Monitor not included)

480 FPS REAL-TIME Display / 480 FPS REAL-TIME Recording
16 Ch Video / 16 Ch Audio / MPEG4 CODEC
D1 Max Resolution / Tower Case

■MPEG4 high compression CODEC
 ■D1 / Half-D1 / CIF Resolution
 ■Pentaplex operation (Live / Recording / Playback / Network / Backup)
 ■HDD Installation available up to 4TB
 ■Client software is compatible with Microsoft® Windows VistaTMand Windows 7TM
 ■Tower Case
 ■Central Management Software (CMS) included


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